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Unterfeldwebel Bauer was a German NCO serving under Major Schroeder in Yugoslavia. He was a bookish and unassuming soldier who was taken prisoner by Keith Mallory and Mike Barnsby when they sneaked into the Cetnik camp to rescue their imprisoned comrades. They forced Bauer to take them to the cells where their friends were being interrogated by the SS and the Gestapo. The two quickly freed their fellow soldiers and overpowered Schroeder and the interrogators, but mostly ignored Bauer due to his seemingly harmless nature.

This proved to be a mistake, as Bauer took advantage of being overlooked and grabbed a P38 pistol and pointed it at the Allies. He shot and killed Doug Reynolds (mostly by accident) when Reynolds attempted to tackle him and take the gun. An enraged Barnsby then gunned down Bauer in revenge, setting off a chain reaction which saw all the present Germans get killed, and also resulted in a firefight between the Allies and several German soldiers who'd come running in response to the gunfire.


  • Although he is addressed as Unterfeldwebel (Sergeant), he has the insignia of an Obergefreiter (Corporal).


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