Hauptmann Mohler was apparently the ranking officer at Geheimhaven, the Nazis' island base near Crete. Prior to his arrival, René Belloq had radioed Mohler and told him to set up an altar for the Ark-opening ceremony. He and Belloq had made a deal whereby Mohler would arrange the Jewish ceremony, in return for Belloq speaking favorably of him once back in Berlin. He met Belloq and Dietrich at the base when they arrived, then walked with them, Toht, the captive Marion Ravenwood and several soldiers to the altar.


  • Mohler is named "Tall Captain" in the script and end credits for Raiders of the Lost Ark. His name comes from Campbell Black's novelization of the film.
  • In the script he dies by getting shot during Indiana Jones' escape which doesn't occur in the film.
  • Mohler's fate is unclear. Although he goes with Belloq and Dietrich to the altar, he doesn't attend the Ark-opening ceremony. A deleted scene shows him outside the entrance to the Tabernacle, but he doesn't follow Belloq into it and so isn't present for the ceremony.