"Your German is good. And I hear also your French. Your arms... up!"
Untersturmführer Steinach was an officer in the SS. He accompanied Hauptsturmführer Dietrich and Gestapo agents Preissen and Kuhn when they brought Roger Bartlett to Stalag Luft III. Following the escape of prisoners from the camp, Steinach was the officer who arrested Bartlett. Bartlett had earlier fooled a Heer officer by speaking German, and he attempted to repeat this ruse with Steinach. Unfortunately, Steinach wasn't fooled. He took Bartlett into custody and brought him to Preissen and Dietrich. Later, when Oberst von Luger was relieved of his command, it was Steinach who came to collect him.


  • SS Long Service Award
  • Wound Badge (Black)